MS Juniors’ Handicap League Match vs Bucks

Sunday 6 June at Harleyford GC

This was the first match played for almost 2 years and because of handicap changes in the intervening time it was the first County match any of our team had played.  And Harleyford was a new venue too – a long course with some fearsome looking rough.  One of our players was also initially put off by the number of trees – she thought even if she wasn’t attracted to them her ball was!

After a week of fine weather there was rain forecast.  However the day was fine, even turning hot.  (Don’t be misled by the jumpers in the photograph!)  A lot of drink was consumed on the way round.  Tony the Buck’s pro started the teams and told each group that they should chat together which most of them did – endlessly.  There were some very lively, friendly conversations and helpfully two of the pairs had met previously at either the BB&O Championship or the Bucks coaching competition.

The Berkshire team put in some gritty performances.  Every time I saw Katy she told me she was 2 down but she never gave up and ground out a half.  It was Charlotte’s ball that was attracted to trees but she came through 2 up.  Amrit had to play Buck’s new Wunderkindt but she didn’t waver and won 3&2.  Mollie Shay breezed it, beating her opponent 8&6.  Emma had the misfortune to meet someone wearing her putting boots.  Every time I saw Emma’s opponent she was holing a 10’ putt … which is the way to win a match.  Emma ‘took one for the team’: I don’t think anyone else could have lived with her opponent.

A big ‘thank you’ goes to every one of the team – and also to Delyth Barnett, the Bucks CJO who organised the day for us.

The final result was Berkshire won 3½:1½.  The second handicap league match is against Oxon at East Berks on 3 July.

The team, from the left: Amrit Hira, Katy Lansley (both Easthampstead), Mollie Shay (Newbury & Crookham), Charlotte Hienzsch (Sand Martins), Emma Elam (Castle Royle)

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