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The Duncan Trophy is a club knockout competition open to all clubs in Berkshire for teams of 5 players with handicaps in range 10 to 25.

Winners 2019

Runners Up 2019 – Sandmartians

The 2019 Final

Congratulations to Sonning who were the victors over Sand Martins.

The Duncan Trophy for 2019 played on 7th September at East Berks Golf Club and was won by Sonning.

It was a closely fought match with a 3 match to 2 win against Sand Martins.

Congratulations to both teams for getting through to the final.

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2020Not played
2019 Sonning
2018 East Berkshire
2017 Bearwood Lakes
2016 Easthampstead Ladies
2015 Mill Ride
2014 East Berkshire
2013 Mill Ride
2012 Sonning
2011 Castle Royle
2010 Donnington Valley