Silver League Rules 2018

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1. The creation of this new league is to give those ladies not already playing in the Gold or Bronze Leagues, the opportunity to represent their club in a scratch 4 Ball Better Ball competition. The Team Captains, with this in mind, should give priority to their members not already playing in the above mentioned competitions. This may not always be possible and the league will accept this.
2. There will be two divisions with seven clubs in each. Teams from the following clubs have entered the competition. Bearwood Lakes, Burnham Beeches, Calcot Park. Castle Royle, Caversham Heath, East Berkshire, Easthampstead Ladies, Goring and Streatley, Hennerton, Maidenhead, Reading, Royal Ascot Sand Martins and Winter Hill.
3. The role of Division Organiser will rotate around the Clubs in alphabetical order and each will take a two-year turn in its administration. If the Organisers club is promoted/relegated before its 2 years of office are completed, the next club on the list will take over.
A separate document details the job description of the Division Organiser.
4. Each participating Club agrees to give courtesy of their course on one day a year for the appropriate number of fourball tee times in late February/March or October/early November.
5. Clubs will submit their dates for hosting the League for the following year to the Division Organiser by the end of February i.e. submit 2019 dates by February 2018. The Division Organiser will email the dates to the League Liaison Officer who will oversee the fixture list of the Gold and Silver Leagues in order to avoid a duplication of dates whenever possible.
6. Each team will consist of six bona fide lady members of the participating clubs, and may include junior members. There will be no handicap allowance.
Each team member will have a handicap of 12 or above.
7. Two members from each team will play an 18 hole better ball competition against the better ball of two other players from their opposing team, and the rules of 4BBB Match Play will apply. Should a player be absent it is acceptable for one to play two; the single player may be joined by her partner at any time during the match between holes but not during the play of a hole (Rules of Golf 30.3).
Each match shall end when one team has won. In the event of a halved match, play shall not continue beyond 18th hole. The exact result of each match shall be recorded, agreed with the opposing team and reported to the organiser of that Division.
If a club does not field a full team of 6 players, the captain of the incomplete team can choose whether to split her players and compete in all 3 matches or she can forfeit one or more matches with the opposition team winning 2 points for each forfeited match.
8. Each team will play one match against each other team on a neutral course.
9. The order of play will be at the team captain’s discretion. Team Captains must exchange their team sheets with the opposition Captain at least 15 minutes before the tee time of their first match.
10. Matches will commence as specified on start sheets (Rules of Golf 33.3). The team on the left of the draw sheet has the honour on the first tee.
11. In the event of extreme weather conditions or injury during the match, if one pair declines to continue then they shall concede the match and forfeit all the holes not played. If both pairs are in agreement they shall halve the remaining holes.
12. The allocation of points will be:
Each pair winning a match will score TWO POINTS
Each pair halving a match will score ONE POINT
If a pair is disqualified under Rule 33.3, the opponents will score TWO POINTS
13.  If a match has to be abandoned it should be replayed completely on the specified course as arranged by the Division Organiser. If this cannot be arranged then the points will be halved.
14. The team with the most/least points after all the matches have been played will be the winner/loser of the Division. In the event of a tie the team with the superior total of match play results will be the winner. If there is still a tie, the result of the match between the tied teams will decide the winner. The same principle applies in determining all other placings.

The bottom club of Division 1 will be relegated and the winner of Division 2 will be promoted.
15. Each team will nominate a Team Captain who will be responsible for all communication with her team and for ensuring the smooth running of the event when played at her home Club. (See separate document giving detailed responsibilities of the Team Captain)
16. The host club should advise in advance if there are any restrictions in force e.g. trolley ban. The host club should be present to greet visiting clubs as they arrive and provide a starter to ensure the timely start of matches and also to make players aware of local rules and conditions of the day. The starter should explain course distance markers and give any necessary information regarding the course layout. The starter should remind teams that play may only continue after the end of the match if no hindrance is caused to following players.
16. The host club will provide courtesy rounds to visiting teams. Visiting teams will pay the full cost of any refreshments they may have at the host club.
17. The visiting teams will pay the full cost of any refreshments they may have at the host club except for tea/coffee on arrival, which should be provided by the host club.
18. A player may play only for one club in the Scratch League during a season.
19. The engraving of the trophy will be the responsibility of the winning club.
20. The results of the matches should be notified by both teams and any enquiries to the current Division Organiser. She will then confirm these by email to all the Team Captains, Vice Captains and League Liaison Officer, together with the cumulative positions. To avoid any discrepancies at the end of the season it is very important that the Captains/Vice Captains check after each match the accuracy of their teams results both for the current match and their cumulative position in the league.
21. The Division organisers and League Liaison Officer will be a small committee for reference and to help make decisions that are consistent across the leagues.
22. The League matches will be played during late Feb/March and Oct/early Nov and the year will be deemed to have commenced in February. There will be a lunch in November of each year to which all ladies who have played in the League plus the Lady Captain of each club, whether a player or not, are invited to attend.
A brief AGM will be held after the Presentation Meal to discuss any issues which may have arisen during the season. Should a vote be necessary, one vote per club is permitted. Each Club should ensure at least one representative is present. The trophies will be presented and promotion/relegation announced. Current Division Organisers will alternate the venue.
23. Caddies, bag carriers and trolley pullers are not allowed for the matches.
24. TEAM CAPTAINS REMINDER - If any match loses ground on the match in front and the match behind is kept waiting they MUST invite that match through.
25. The course must be played as set out on the day, which may include: Temporary greens, no trolleys or specify particular requirements e.g. hedgehog wheels. Please ensure that only ONE team member rings the venue pro shop to check conditions on the day.
If a player requires the use of a buggy due to short or long term ill health or disability there is no requirement for a medical certificate but the player concerned should contact the host club and the opposition Captain before the match both out of courtesy, and in order to confirm that the course will allow a buggy on the day of the match.
Only the person affected can use the buggy, not her playing partner or her partner’s equipment.
NB. The decision‎ whether to permit trolleys or buggies on the day rests solely with the host club.
26. Competitors may use a distance measuring device If the local rules of the host course allow.
27. Any club that wishes to leave the league must give the Division Organiser and League Liaison Officer one year’s notice.
28. Amendments to the above Rules may only be made on a majority vote of Club representatives, one vote per club.
In the event of one of the above Clubs leaving the League, a vote will be taken by the remaining Captains and Vice Captains as to which Club will be invited to join, one vote per club. The League Liaison Officer is there to assist with this.

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