BCLGA - Winter Knockout Trophy


It is planned to hold the 2020/21 Winter Knockout competition commencing in the Autumn. Closing date for entries, September 6th 2020.

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Knockout Cup for individual golfers played through the winter months.

A minimum of 16 entries are required for this competition to run.

A handicap (+ to 36) singles matchplay competition. After the entry closes a draw is made and competitors then arrange to play at a mutually convenient time. All competitors must be Full or Associate members of BCLGA and have a COMPETITION handicap.

Please note:

1. In the event of a Competitor not being a member of a BCLGA affiliated club, the match will revert to the opponent's course. All matches must be played on Berkshire golf courses.

2. The final will be played on a neutral course arranged by the organiser

3. Both players must be prepared to play the course of the day

4. Caddies will not be allowed in the above competitions until the semi-final stage

5. Players may have to pay green fees on some courses, this fee to be shared equally between home and away players

6. Weekend and weekday dates must be offered when arranging matches

7. Matches to be played off FULL difference of the current CONGU handicap

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Download 2019-2020 DRAW - Semi Finals

Posted October 26th 2019

Download 2019-20 Rules

2018 - 2019 Winner - Angie Burns

The winner of the 2018/19 Winter Knockout was Angie Burns from Mill Ride (left) and the runner up was Julie Metelko from Castle Royle (right).

The match was played in glorious spring weather at Donnington Grove on 17th April 2019 followed by an enjoyable tea with our County Captain Laura Webb and Elspeth Cooper who kindly offered to referee the match.

Congratulations to both ladies for making it through to the final.

Winter KO Final 2018-2019

Prizes presented by Laura Webb (County Captain).

2017 - 2018 Winner - Fay Unsworth

The final which was hosted by Reading GC on Friday 20th April, was played in temperatures up to 26°C. Fay Unsworth took an early lead on the first with some holes being halved. However, although Angie put up a brave performance, Fay went ahead and won the match 6/5.

Congratulations to all ladies who took part in this and battled the elements throughout a long and exceptionally wet winter. Thank you to Reading GC for hosting the final.

Winner Fay Unsworth

Prizes presented by Ann Williams (County Captain)

2016 - 2017 Winner - Gillian Godson

On a glorious sunny and hot April day, the Winter KO final was played at Sonning Golf Club between Gillian Godson from Reading and Pauline Cox from Castle Royle. A very close match which eventually saw Gillian come through as the winner for the third year running. Well done both players for getting through to the final but special congratulations to Gillian for a great performance for the third time!

2015 - 2016 Winner - Gillian Godson

2015/2016 FINAL:  Gillian Godson (Reading) is 2015/16 Winter Knockout champion.
The final of 2015-16 Winter Match Play was played on 5th April at Goring & Streatley in glorious sunshine. Congratulations to both Gillian Godson (Reading) and Ishbel Thomson (Easthampstead Ladies) for reaching the Final which was a closely contested match. Gillian won by sinking a long putt on the 16th and we congratulate her on retaining the Trophy.

2015 Winter Knockout winner Gillian Godson

Gillian receives the Bennett Trophy from County Captain Cathy Jones

Runner Up Ishbel Thomson

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Previous Winners

2018/19 - Angie Burns (Mill Ride)
2017/18 - Fay Unsworth (Donnington Grove)
2016/17 - Gillian Godson (Reading)
2015/16 - Gillian Godson (Reading)
2014/15 - Gillian Godson (Reading)
2013/14 - Margaret Berriman (Goring & Streatley)
2012/13 - Not held
2011/12 - Nikki Ochtman (Castle Royle)
2010/11 - Margaret Berriman (Goring & Streatley)
2009/10 - Jules Tarr (Castle Royle)
2008/09 - Lynn Griffiths (Reading)
2007/08 - Cheryl Scott (Bearwood)