Silver Division 2 Draw/Results - 2020

Calcot Parl Pts Results Wednesday 4 March Pts Results
10:00 East Berkshire     Bearwood Lakes    
10:24 Maidenhead     Winter Hill    
10:48 Caversham Heath     Hennerton  

Caversham Heath Pts Results Tuesday 10 March Pts Results
10:00  East Berkshire   Calcot Park    
10:24 Hennerton Maidenhead
10:48 Bearwood Lakes     Winter Hill    

Hennerton Pts Results Wednesday 18 March Pts Results
10:00 Maidenhead     Bearwood Lakes    
10:24 Winter Hill     East Berkshire    
10:48 Calcot Park     Caversham Heath    

Winter Hill Pts Results Monday 21 September Pts Results
TBC Calcot Park     Hennerton  
  Caversham Heath     Bearwood Lakes    
  East Berkshire     Maidenhead    

Maidenhead Pts Results Thursday 1 October Pts Results
10:00 Winter Hill     Caversham Heath    
10:24 Bearwwood Lakes     Calcot Park    
10:48 Hennerton     East Berkshire    

Bearwood Lakes Pts Results Monday 19 October Pts Results
09:30 Hennerton     Winter Hill    
09:54 Calcot Park     Maidenhead    
10:18 Caversham Heath   East Berkshire    

East Berkshire Pts Results Thursday 22 October Pts Results
09:30 Maidenhead     Caversham Heath    
09:54 Bearwood Lakes     Hennerton  
10:18 Wintere Hill     Calcot Park    

League Table

Summary Points Results Played
Bearwood Lakes      
Calcot Park      
Caversham Heath      
East Berkshire    
Winter Hill    


Previous Winners

2019 - Royal Ascot
2018 - Calcot Park
2017 - Goring & Streatley
2016 - Easthampstead
2015 - Reading

Silver 2 Organiser

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Silver 2 Organiser
Judy Wilton

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