Bronze League Rules 2015/2016

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1. Teams from the following clubs have entered the League and each will take a one-year turn in its administration in rotation.
2. There will be 3 leagues of 7 teams in each league (or different configurations if less than 21 teams).
3. The winner and runner up in Leagues 2 & 3 will move up to the next league for the following year; the bottom 2 teams in Leagues 1 & 2 will move down to the next league for the following year.
4. Each team will consist of six bona fide lady members of the above clubs, and may include junior members of 21 Handicap and over.
5. Matches will be three matches of Fourball Better Ball played off scratch and the rules for Fourball Match Play apply. Should a player be absent it is acceptable for one to play two; the single player may be joined by her partner at any time during the match between holes but not during the play of a hole. (Rules of Golf 30.3)
6. Each team will play one match against each other team on a neutral course, as designated by the League rules.
7. The host club is responsible for contacting the other six teams and offering dates when they can provide 9 consecutive tee times. It is up to visiting teams to make themselves available to play on the dates offered.
8. The order of play and pairings will be at the team captain’s discretion.
9. Matches will commence as specified on start sheets. (Rules of Golf 33.3)
10. In the event of extreme weather conditions or injury during the match, if one pair declines to continue then they shall concede the match. Holes up/down will not count when calculating the final points. If both pairs are in agreement they shall halve the remaining holes.
11. Each pair winning a match will score           TWO points
Each pair halving a match will score            ONE point
If a pair is disqualified under rule 33.3 the opponents scoreTWO points + 2 Up
12. If a match has to be abandoned it should be replayed completely on the specified course as arranged by the Host Club. If this cannot be arranged then the points will be halved.
13. The team with the most points after all the matches have been played will be the winner of the League. In the event of a tie the match play results will decide the winner. In the event of there still being tie, the result of the match between the tied teams will decide the winner.
14.  The host club will provide light refreshments after the match. The visiting teams will pay the full cost of the refreshments to the host club. It is the visiting team’s decision on the amount each player will pay and whether they wish to subsidise their own players.
15. The host club should be present to greet visiting clubs as they arrive. A starter should be provided to ensure the timely start of matches and also to make players aware of local rules and conditions of the day. The starter should explain course distance markers and give any necessary information regarding the course layout.
16. The Host club will fill in the result sheet in conjunction with all the visiting captains and return the sheet to the League Organiser.
17. A player may play for one club only during the League season.
18. The engraving of the trophy will be the responsibility of the winning club in League 1..
19. In the first year, a small group of Mary Harwood, Sue Kingham, Carolyn Johns, Jenny Bell, Ann Clutton and the League Organiser will act for reference and help make any decisions. After that, the immediate past, current and future organisers of the League will be a small committee for reference and to help make decisions.
20. The League matches will be played during in the 1st 2 weeks of October; the 2nd 2 weeks of October; the 1st week of November; the 1st 2 weeks of February; the 2nd 2 weeks of February; the 1st 2 weeks of March and the 2nd 2 weeks of March.
21. Caddies, bag carriers and trolley pullers are not allowed for the matches.
22. Slow play penalties will be applied under the Rules of Golf 6.7.
23. The course must be played as set out on the day, which may include: Temporary greens; No trolleys
24. If courses stipulate a trolley ban except for certain kinds of trolleys e.g. hedgehog wheels, these can be used if players have their own or if they are available for hire from the Club, this will be on a first come first served basis.
25. Players should not expect medical certificates to be sufficient reason for using a trolley. Any lady who is unable to carry her clubs should exempt herself from playing in the match. Blue-badge holders may use a bike/buggy if the course permits on the day. Please ensure that only ONE team member rings the venue pro shop to check conditions on the day.
26. GPS and course measuring devices, these may be used by players providing the host Club allows them.